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June 16, 2022 Sawyer County/Hayward Area ATV Trail Report: We had some rain showers yesterday finally, but it probably was not enough to keep the dust down on some of the gravel bed roads/trails. Here is a rundown of the trails I’ve rode over the past few days, or the ones I’ve gotten reports on by those who worked on them:

Seeley Hills- I rode all these trails today. The rain left some fun water holes throughout. 8 north of Nelson Lake to Seeley Fire Lane has a ton of water- large, fairly shallow areas, some with softer sand or mud bottoms too- This trail section also has some deeper pot holes to it, as well as embedded rock surface, so areas may be slow going unless you want to lose teeth.

Riding around Nelson Lake on Seeley Fire Lane/Tagalder to reach Trail 63 in Seeley Hills – gravel runs that the rain dampened down the dust on, but it doesn’t take long to dry out- expect dusty if we don’t get more rain by the weekend.

Trails 31/8/77 in Seeley Hills: Always fun. 31 north from Chippewa Trail has had some bulldozer work done recently in some sections, and soon will have some new surface gravel on it. Other sections remain original – hard packed dirt with some areas of sand trail. Embedded rock and exposed roots in areas. Trails wind through rolling terrain of Sawyer County Forest and offer a scenic ride for all. Some areas of water to play in too. Trail 8 East from Thannum Fire Lane all the way up to Bayfield County line – First section is rough as usual – rock and wash out tiles to navigate, sections of 8 further up though have had some rehab done and are smoother sailing. Trail 77 from Rock Lake Fire Lane coming all the way back down to Phipps Fire Lane (Trail 77); The section below Lake Helane Rd is undergoing active logging right now, but you can ride it easily – the loggers are out in the woods. This trail offers something for all – rolling, hilly terrain with a mix of hard-pack dirt trails, rocky trails, as well as sandy trail areas and of course a few water holes with hard bottoms. Fun riding it.

Looking for more adventure in the Seeley Hills area? The trails off Phipps Fire Lane marked with a BLACK ATV signs (regular ATV trail signs are brown) are called the black trails – these rustic trails are not maintained but you can ride them for more fun in the woods. Most are dead-end trails.

ALERT– On Saturday 6/18/22, CAMBA is holding the Chequamegon 100 mountain bike race. They will use short sections of our ATV trails in the Seeley Hills for their race. ATV TRAILS DO NOT CLOSE FOR BIKE RACES but please be alert for racers.

LCO Loop – hard packed dirt trails on rolling terrain that wind through the woods south of the Casino in Hayward – the first section of wooded trail (Tr 30) has the most water, and the deepest water holes. Trail 29 shoots off of Trail 30, and takes you over to the round lake area resorts- this marginally maintained trail can have some brutal water holes to it as well. Several road crossings in this trail system so watch for signs. Once you reach the intersection of Trail 30 and Trail 3 – Stay straight on Trail 3 to come out onto Hwy K for road riding opportunities to gas/resorts or to avoid the top of Trail 777. This trail winds through a hilly section of the forest, some tight corners and some water holes. If, at the intersection of 30/3, you shoot off to the southeast – you will find the top of Trail 777: two sections of a challenging trail in a very hilly forest, complete with deep water holes and a lot of rock to navigate – enjoy!

I will get out to the far east side and south side trails soon so I can give an accurate report.

June 12, 2022: ATV trails in Sawyer County offer great riding! Its been pretty dry with only occasional light rain showers so come prepared for some dust, especially if riding any of the gravel railroad beds or fire lane trails. A few trails have perennial water holes – Trail 8 north of Nelson Lake, Trail 30 and 777 south of the Casino.

Crews have been out doing trail surface maintenance as well – some bulldozing, grading and re-gravelling on sections of Trail 31 north of Chippewa Trail, as well as Trails 3, 715, 5, 21. Also, a permanent re-route on Trail 5 near Wolf’s Eagle Lodge, as well as a temporary re-route in the Flambeau Forest around the Connor’s Creek bridge (bridge will be replaced this fall)

If you notice trail issues, please let us know through either info@sawyercountyalliance.com or cathy@sawyercountytrails.com

Jun 5, 2022: Sawyer County ATV Trails are in good shape – sporadic rainfall has helped keep dust down on several trails, and also keep a bit of water and mud around for some extra fun.

Bulldozing and resurfacing are happening on Trail 31 north of Chippewa Trail, as well as Trail 715 over by Moose Lake. Trail 5 near Loretta has a permanent re-route – no longer can you ride past Wolf’s Eagle Lodge. Also, in the Flambeau Forest, the bridge over Connors Creek will not be replaced until fall, so there is a temporary re-route for that.

The ice storm we had this past March, caused considerable damage to trees in the Seeley Hills and LCO areas – the immediate problems/trees down were taken care of, but as you ride these trails you may notice more ‘bendy’ popples and birch. As these damaged trees leaf out, they are leaning more and more – crews will be out over the next few weeks. Watch for downed trees when riding and report problems to us- either cathy@sawyercountytrails.com or scatrails@gmail.com.

Do you need a non-resident Wisconsin ATV Trail Pass? Go Wild link below takes you to the WI DNR site – $35 for a year trail sticker (expires Mar 31 of each year) or you can purchase a 5-day pass for $20 (paper receipt-no sticker)

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May 23, 2022: Been out on our Sawyer County ATV trails quite often over the past few weeks. Here is a rundown:

Seeley Hills Area Trails: The local ATV club has not yet graded these trails so expect some rough areas throughout. I personally like the trails this way; a mix of smooth sailing, rustic winding trails, periodic mud and water, as well as rocky/hilly terrain to navigate. Hungry? Sawmill Saloon and Wayside are both off Trail 63, the old RR grade which runs along Hwy 63. Go a little further west to Tagalder Rd to reach the Nelson Lake area for more stops. Going north on either 77 or 8 will take you up to Rock Lake Rd (8) which you can head east to get over to the Bayfield County Namekagon areas. Several offshoot trails off 8 will take you north into the Cable area as well. Trail 15 off 77/Phipps Firelane will take you over to Hwy 77 where Hayward Power Sports, and Blackiron Grill is located. Head south on Trail 31 to get into Hayward or head to the LCO Loop trails for more fun.

LCO Loop: Starting at the Casino on Hwy B & K, this loop will give you some adventures. Trail 30 heading south from Casino always had some pretty good water holes throughout. Trail 29 will take one over to the Little Round Lake area and its normally a pretty wet trail. Trail 30 hooks up with Trail 3 – head east on 3 to find Trail 777; 2 challenging sections – one with some deep water holes, and the other with steep, rock-laden hills. Make it through that over to the Chief Lake area or south to the Tuscobia. If you head west on Trail 3 at the 30/3 intersection, you’ll come out at the Little Casino/gas station and can road ride down Hwy K for lunch at Trail’s End, Bernie’s, The Boulevard or Angler’s Haven.

Chippewa Flowage Area: You can reach many of the southern flowage destinations from the LCO Loop. The River Rd area resorts can be reached from FR319 Trail system coming from the Moose Lake Area.

I haven’t been out to the far east yet this spring, but be aware that Trail 5 has been re-routed near Wolf’s Eagle Lodge. Follow the recently-installed signs when you get there, some will be road routes for short stretches. Sections of Trail 5 had been recently graded as well.

Tuscobia/9-mile Loop: Grading has been ongoing and its quite a process as the grader must make several passes. It may seem rougher than normal to you, but your riding will help us pack down the dug up dirt clots – so have at it! So many destinations can be had from the Tuscobia – too many to list here.

I didn’t mention every single area or trail – its impossible to list all the opportunities our beautiful Sawyer County Trails offer to riders!

Keep your lights on – and please watch your speed and noise when road riding on routes through residential neighborhoods – do you realize these routes are renewed on a yearly basis and we can lose them if we get too many complaints? I work tirelessly to open new routes and trails, but I sure don’t want to go backwards here, so PLEASE help us keep the ones we opened so far! Enjoy!

May 16, 2022: The Sawyer County Snowmobile & ATV Alliance Ambassador, Sawyer, rode with me all opening weekend. I put him to work – we chainsawed more storm-damaged trees, did more trail cleanup both in Seeley Hills and in the LCO Loop by the Casino. Trails are looking better after each work day, but still lots to do. Sawyer even helped me install and later check on trail counters! Hope to see you on the trails!- Cathy

May 12, 2022: Here comes ATV Season in Sawyer County! County Forest and Federal Forest trails open for use on Friday May 13th. Important- during March, our area suffered an ice storm and workers had spent many hours on chainsaw work & cleanup, especially in the Seeley Hills trails on County Forest land. Ride with caution as these trails are still ‘dirty’ with smaller downed limbs. PLEASE take a few minutes to throw branches off trails when you are enjoying your ride. Grading has been done on the Tuscobia, and is currently happening on Trail 5 from Moose Lake to Trap N Fish. Until Seeley Hills trails are graded, watch for washouts as we’ve had several heavy storms recently. We are planning to get out to do some signage work over the next few weeks as well. Enjoy your ride and reach out if you have questions!

March 18, 2022: Well its officially over – Most Sawyer County trails are melted down and gates to many trails on private land have been closed, surrounding counties will close their trails after this coming weekend. Always a sad time!

Wednesday March 9, 2022: We have our NW Relic Riders ride to lunch tomorrow. This is sure to be the last one of this snowmobile season as warm temps next week will decimate the trails. Most of the trails in the central to northern portions of our county are in bad shape from the recent ice storm as well- we suffered a lot of damage that will take a lot of time to clear. Volunteers had been out all this week working to clear what they can, but it was slow-going. Most realized that we are not going to get the trails cleared enough to groom again this season. If you decide to ride, call ahead to make sure your destinations will be open, and use extreme caution on the trails. There was still a good base a few days ago, and this weeks’ cooler temps hopefully kept it there. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow!

Sunday March 6, 2022: Relentless late-night rain turned to sleet, then a few inches of snow overnight here. Many areas report branches down on trails – use caution if you ride, and please help the groomers by throwing downed limbs off the trail. Just about the entire Chippewa Flowage is still without power, as of mid-morning today. Deerfoot reported their power is back on, but I’ve not heard from the others. Be sure to call destinations if you are riding out that way. North of Hayward reports excellent trails with again, downed branches here and there. I’ll fire up my machine in a few hours to check it all out.

March 4, 2022: Amazing! I rode the Seeley Hills trails, several lakes today and the trails are absolutely wonderful! Sure, some of the trails along Hwy 77 are getting down to the dirt/snirt stages, but off those main thoroughfare trails, the rest are just great riding!

I didn’t make it up to Weenie Roast today as I planned, but heck, got on the trails and just kept riding and riding. Very enjoyable day, and its March 4th! Last year I couldn’t ride beyond March 2 so this is a bonus.

So Saturday March 5, 2022 gets here – the forecast is all over the place; rain, sleet, snow. I woke up to a thick layer of glare ice covering everything. Many resorts throughout our area, were without power and announced closings until tomorrow. I only saw a few sledders out today – it was quiet around here. Forecast is for snow tomorrow, maybe mixed with sleet. We’ll see….

Almost all resorts/restaurants on the Chippewa Flowage close after this weekend and stay closed until fishing opener. Always a sad time especially when there is so much more riding to do into March. Well…. a few staples should be open for gas, food, drinks; Nelson Lake bars, Sawmill Saloon, plus a bunch along Hwy 77/Trail 5; Blackiron, Twin Lakes Tap, Dows, Wheel Inn. The Moose Lake area has JB’s and Louie’s Landing. There are more that are still open – but this time of year, make sure you call ahead, especially if you are needing gas stops along your ride.

Late February 2022: Soon, this will be all about Sawyer County, Wisconsin snowmobile and ATV/UTV trails. Updates will include news on trails and routes, new ATV routes, club events, public rides and so much more. Stop back often as this site develops.

Happy Riding,

Ride hard! Have fun!